To constantly innovate and achieve sustainable growth and

profit while increasing value through acquisition, development and

management of our various properties. To work in partnership with tenants and merchants

that share our business principles of providing products and services that offer value

in every aspect of customer service, price and quality.

For Our Tenants

Create profitable opportunities for tenants and
build long lasting mutally beneficial relationships

For Our Employees

Provide opportunities to realize personal potential and achieve personal growth.
Empower our employee to deliver products and services that exceed our customer

For Our Shopper

Create delightful shopping and lifestyle experiences in a safe confortable environtment

For Our Comumunity

Promote social responsibility and environmental sustainability


Our vision is to be the leading property developer, owner and manager in the east of Metro Manila.

Company Profile

The Games and Garments group of companies is an independent family owned enterprise that has been operating

in the Philippines for more than 30 years. We have interests in garments, textiles, pharmaceuticals,

rural banking and property development. Antipolo Triangle Mall is the 3rd and most ambitious

property project of Games and Garments International, which falls under

the banner of the Games and Garments group of companies

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